Aside from managing archives, we also engage provide hosting for archive catalogues. If your institution is interested please contact us.

Catholic Archives

Currently we manage, which is a repository for a number of catholic archives. The website uses “atom” which is an open source archive app used for cataloguing. The format is exceptionally simple to use and yet keeps the catalogue up to international standards.

The hope is that this website will become a one-stop central repository for Catholic archives across Ireland. We invite all Catholic archives to join this project. The benefits include;

  • Researchers will be able to search across all catalogues on the website. This gives exposure to smaller archives which might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Complete discretion as to what is publicised. The archivist can catalogue their complete collection and then choose what parts to be made public with a simple click. The private side of the catalogue is only visible to the archivist.
  • Enhanced reputation. At present, only a handful of archives have their catalogues online, or just about have a website. Even for the ones that do, there is no way to easy search the catalogues. This project achieves all these goals, benefiting the reputation of the Church in the eyes of the public.


Other Archives hosting

If your archive is interested in using atom for it’s catalogue, we offer hosting, a domain name, full setup, and maintenance of the system. Part of this service can also include advice on it’s use from a fully qualified archivist.

Many institutions use IT departments or contractors to deal with atom. This can be a costly endeavor, and many in IT do not understand the priorities and concerns of archivists. For a monthly price that is far less than other archival systems, we can be on call to make your cataloguing experience hassle-free.